Monday, January 19, 2009

Inevitable Realization

Today I was struck with a sudden painful realization. I am in the same boat with the enormous number of the other hard working Americans out there who either have lost or are about to loose their jobs. It was painful because until it happens to you there really is no understanding of the event. You find yourself feeling sorry for the person who is leaving but thanking God because you still have a job. Now a little more than a month ago we had a company meeting. In this meeting we were told that the state of the company was strong. We were in favorable financial status and no predicted lay-offs were in our future. A few days after that the first person was let go. A few more have been let go recently and now we are being told that if the current economical disaster doesn't take a radical right turn with a swiftness, imminent lay-offs will follow. So, there you are counting the few rings of seniority you have under your belt and that's when it hits you; "I don't have enough of these damn rings so I'm not sitting real pretty over here!" That's when you realize like myself, I don't have a fall back. I haven't needed one until now. We were "strong" a month ago! My wife stays at home with the kids(9yrs and 18months both girls!) so my salary pays it all. Take that out of the equation and...well, we are up that creek! The true realization in this event only came to me this evening while I was creating this site. I have not one foul word to say about the company I work for because they truly have made unbelievable concessions in every way possible to cut spending and avoid this from happening. The company is with out a doubt the best company I have ever worked for which makes it all the more hard to except what might happen very soon. So then I started thinking about the real situation and what I was going to do about it. I decided to make this site and try to link to some good information pertaining to the unemployed and what can be done about the economy. This problem is getting out of control and we need a big employment boost real soon. President Obama, lets take the rein's and get this race going immediately. This great country is suffering and we need to heal her quickly. Hopefully through this site I can learn more from others than I can research on my own. Feel free to leave comments or suggestions and I will try and respond in a timely manner.